Bursary Opportunities

Become a supporting partner to attract and nurture a diverse talent pipeline for your organisation
Despite ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive public sector, women are still underrepresented in senior leadership positions. Actively address the shrinking pipeline of female talent with our bursary packages. 
How can these bursary packages help? 
  • Encourage more women to pursue a career in the public sector – sponsor undergraduates to attend the Summit to give them an insight into what a career in the public sector could look like. 
  • Connect and meet with a different group of undergraduates – Undergraduates will be rotated to a different table each day.  
  • Build informal mentoring relationships with undergraduates through our group discussions and multiple networking breaks – you will have the opportunity to send your team to network with the undergraduates seated at your table. 
  • Promote your organisation’s initiatives to attract, retain and promote female talent to the room – opportunity for a display table in the networking and exhibition area. 
If attracting and nurturing a diverse talent pipeline of female leaders is of interest, please contact info@aventedge.com to discuss the various bursary packages available. 
Undergraduate Testimonials  
“Knowing the opportunity, rights, and obligation of women employees in the industry is essential to build the suitable path. The event also provides the participants a chance to bridge networks with peers, professional and mentors. Encourage any female to attend future event.” 

“It was a great pleasure to attend the Summit. This event offered a wealth of information - engaging speakers, useful people skills and loved the interactive workshop throughout. It was also great to meet people from diverse backgrounds and shared suggestions to engage young generation…”  

“I really enjoyed the event and met a lot of likeminded people. I appreciated the opportunity to attend.”
"The Summit was a fantastic event that drew women with a wide range of expertise. The presentations were excellent, and they captured the excitement of recent breakthroughs. It was a great opportunity to network with industry professionals and develop new connections. I was inspired and motivated. The organisers were very professional and helpful. Overall, it was an incredible experience.”