Breaking Barriers, Building Legacies



I am truly thrilled to be joining you all at the Women in Leadership Summit in November and I look forward to meeting many of you there. 
Events like these are such wonderful opportunities to connect with incredible and inspiring women and hear more about their experiences - but importantly it’s also an opportunity for ALL us to learn more about the challenges that many of us are facing and in turn the ways that many of you are pushing through those challenges and breaking down the barriers you face in the world. 
I love the idea that this summit will also celebrate the legacies that are being built by brilliant woman. It’s an important thing to remember – often we can get caught up focusing on the challenges, forgetting to take the time and marvel at some of the achievements of those before and around us. 
Unfortunately, we know that at times women need to be reminded of the value that they bring at work, in their community and at home – to unlock that value, we need access to more opportunity as well as inclusive, safe and collaborative workplaces. I’m interested to see the insights from some of the speakers and hear how we can all build more inclusive and safe workspaces. 
UN Women Australia are proud to been given the opportunity to partner with the Women in Leadership Summit and we are pleased to announce that 10 per cent of all ticket sales will be going towards UN Women programs and initiatives around the world – working to advance gender equality for women and girls everywhere. 
This is a wonderful opportunity to come together and explore some of the complex issues that are facing women in leadership – I hope you will you join me there. 
Simone Clarke, Chief Executive Officer, UN Women Australia 

Connecting Cities, Connecting Leaders

In line with our vision of connecting leadership communities, tune in to select sessions from key speakers live-streamed from locations across Australia, as they share personal anecdotes and career advice for the undefined path to progressive leadership.
  • Simone Clarke, Chief Executive Officer, UN Women Australia
  • Senator the Hon Katy Gallagher, Minister for Finance, Minister for Women, Minister for the Public Service, Parliament of Australia
  • Leigh Sales AM, Australian Journalist and Author

  • The November Women in Leadership series will be delivered in 5 different locations across Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth.


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    Post Conference Workshop | 1 December 2022


    9 AM – 3 PM | Canberra CBD 

    Key learning objectives  
    • Consolidate and build upon learnings from conference. 
    • ‘Deep Dive’ into knowing yourself better and your design for optimal life balance. 
    • Understand how your personal values and boundaries are interwoven. 
    • Unpack the ‘Be what you can’t see’ framework and strategies to leverage authentic leadership 
    • Integrate your key conference takeaways into a game plan for the next 12 months 
    Facilitated By:
    Jen Wittwer, CSM 
    International consultant, Mentor, Coach, Author 
    Michele Scherr 
    Consultant, Coach  

    Featured Speakers

    Simone Clarke

    Chief Executive Officer

    UN Women Australia (Virtual)

    Senator the Hon Katy Gallagher

    Minister for Finance, Minister for Women, Minister for the Public Service

    Parliament of Australia

    Peter Woolcott AO

    Australian Public Service Commissioner

    Australian Public Service Commission

    Jody Broun

    Chief Executive Officer

    National Indigenous Australians Agency

    Mary Wooldridge


    Workplace Gender Equality Agency

    Jim Betts


    Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts

    Christine Clarke

    Ambassador of Australia for Women and Girls

    Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

    Elizabeth Lee

    Member of Parliament

    ACT Legislative Assembly

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    Media Partner

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    Key Reasons To Attend 

    • Construct your own beehive: Queen bees need others to survive and succeed. Cultivate a network of trusted mentors and colleagues during our interactive sessions and networking games  
    • Throw down the rope: Learn how to best support women who are still in the pipeline and create mutually benefiting mentoring relationships  
    • Encourage and bring along a male ally (at no extra cost!) for our ‘Lessons from Leaders’ morning block of sessions on Day Two. It’s time to build spaces where women can succeed, and we want it to include men.   
    • The Power of No: Learn how to protect your personal and professional boundaries in the workplace during our Mini Masterclass on Day One
    • Being CEO Material: Hear senior leaders share the mindsets and practices to thrive in an isolated, all-encompassing and constant role
    • Build on the success of others: Chart your leadership trajectory by applying the strategies, techniques and lessons learnt from other high-performing leaders during our interactive sessions  
    • Champion for greater diversity in leadership: Be inspired by an array of different journeys and embrace the unique perspectives you hold 
    • Connect your professional goals with your purpose: Our Emerging Leaders Panel to candidly speak on the challenges and opportunities when transitioning from a peer to a leader  


    Who Should Attend

    Regardless of gender or role – whether you are a board director, CEO, senior or middle manager, entrepreneur or young emerging leader, the Public Sector Women in Leadership Summit is a valuable platform of information, insights, and networking opportunities for you.       

    • CEOs, Directors, General Managers, Managers and Executives   
    • Human Resources Professionals, Recruitment and Talent Specialists  
    • Diversity and Inclusion Professionals    
    • Women Leadership Programme Managers   
    • Mentors, Mentorship Programme Managers, Sponsors, Coaches    
    • Changemakers championing diversity in the workplace including male allies and advocates   
    • Budding and established entrepreneurs   
    • Aspiring leaders, managers, millennials, and recent graduates



    This event will be held at a premium location in the city CBD.

    Delegates will be updated 4-weeks prior to the event.