Knowledge Partner

Blue Chip Minds specialises in developing optimal performance mindsets and, what we like to call, better humans. We believe that everyone has the capacity to surprise themselves with what they are capable of bringing forth at work and in life.  We work with organisations to help instil a culture of lifelong learning, increase the cognitive adaptability, complex problem solving and social skills of leaders and their teams. We provide unique and cutting edge ways to deliver ongoing targeted training opportunities and well-being initiatives that truly allow your people to lead better and confidently navigate complexity and uncertainty. 

Business has evolved: the types of jobs, how we work together and the skills we need to succeed are constantly changing. At SCM we are passionate about making a difference in people’s careers and creating better leaders, so your business has the people and culture it needs to evolve and grow. Whether you are facing challenges or creating opportunities, we can give individuals and business the cutting edge, armed with agility and resilience to survive, strive and succeed.
We help you move forward with confidence and composure:
  • Own your career - making sound career decisions
  • Empower your staff 
  • Develop collaborative leadership skills to motivate and inspire
  • Navigate change
  • Retirement - Transition to the life you want to lead

Charismatic Leadership helps managers, business owners and organisations bring out their inner S.H.I.N.E.™ so that they can make the most of who they are (both online and in real life), get the best out of their teams and realise the remarkable results they are striving for. 
We can help you in developing:
  • Leadership
  • Charisma and Executive Presence
  • Influence and Persuasion
  • High-Impact Business Presentation and Interview Skills
  • Confidence Building and Assertiveness
  • Social Media Strategy and Thought Leadership